Top 10 Historical Figures That Need A Biopic

Biopics are hugely popular within cinema. The cinematic representation of historical figures always create controversy on how they are portrayed. Do biopic celebrate the life of someone or do they harshly criticise? However, biopics can enlighten people about the forgotten people of history or shed light on popular events. Below is 10 historical figures that... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Most Anticipated Films in 2019

2018 is over and it has been a mixed year for films, some very good, some very bad. However time moves on and we need to look forward into 2019 into the top 10 films to look forward to in the new year. 10) Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (Est. Release May 2019) When I first heard... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Films of 2017

It is almost at the end of the year and it is time for everyone's top 10 lists of what their favourite films are this year. Just to clarify the rules of this list. These are my favourite films I have watched that were released in the UK in 2017. Some of these films were... Continue Reading →

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