Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Film Review

Sean Connery returns as Bond and Shirley Bassey returns to perform one of the most iconic Bond songs. Diamonds Are Forever starts off with Bond looking to kill Blofeld for killing his wife in the previous film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Bond kills Blofeld and then is assigned to a mission to investigate someone trying to steal... Continue Reading →

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) Film Review

Bond is back, but he looks a bit different. On Her Majesty's Secret Service is the first Bond film to cast a new actor as James Bond. No more Sean Connery for this film and here we have the slightly strange addition to the franchise with George Lazenby. OHMSS is about Bond who at the start saves a... Continue Reading →

Thunderball (1965) Film Review

SPECTRE and Blofeld are back to continue their plan for world domination. After the success of Goldfinger, Thunderball had a lot to live up to. The budget is bigger, the action is bigger, but does Thunderball prove that bigger is better? SPECTRE return and decide to steal two atomic bombs and then threaten to bomb London if... Continue Reading →

Goldfinger (1964) Film Review

James Bond returns in the classic Goldfinger, cue Shirley Bassey, cue Pussy Galore, cue Gadgets. GOLDFINGER!!!! Sean Connery returns as the suave 007 agent James Bond and is on a mission to stop Gold fanatic, Auric Goldfinger, who plans to infiltrate Fort Knox. The plot is that simple but it is it's simplicity it is... Continue Reading →

From Russia With Love (1963) Film Review

Bond returns for his second outing and SPECTRE returns to seek their revenge on Bond for killing Dr. No. After what happened in Jamaica, SPECTRE start to train agents to kill Bond, the assigned agent is Donald 'Red' Grant. Along with that they trick Russian loyalist, Tatiana Romanova, into believing that she must lure Bond... Continue Reading →

Dr No (1962) Film Review

The first film in the James Bond saga that has lasted over 50 years, it is interesting to see where it all started. The film that created the successful formula of one of the most culturally important characters in cinema. It's Bond, James Bond. After an Mi6 officer and his secretary is assassinated in Jamaica... Continue Reading →

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