If Beale Street Could Talk (2019) Film Review

Barry Jenkins returns after his highly successful and critically applauded Moonlight. Moonlight was a wonderful look into the life of an African American in America dealing with issues of drug addiction and homosexuality. It was a raw and intimate view into the social issues within a poor black neighbourhood. If Beale Street Could Talk facilitates similar themes but focuses on the... Continue Reading →

Christopher Robin (2018) Film Review

The cutest film of the year is finally here, one of the most cherished characters from everyone's childhood finally has his cinematic adaptation. Winnie The Pooh and his pots of honey grace the big screen with the fantastic Ewan Mcgregor as Christopher Robin and Pooh's other furry friends. After Christopher Robin leaves the Hundred Acre... Continue Reading →

The Shape of Water (2018) Film Review

Guillermo Del Toro returns with one of the surprise hits of the awards season. Del Toro delves back into the world of monsters. Now with an unlikely romance between human and monster. The Shape of Water revolves around a mute woman, Elisa, who lives with a closeted gay man and works at a secret government facility... Continue Reading →

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