Christopher Robin (2018) Film Review

The cutest film of the year is finally here, one of the most cherished characters from everyone's childhood finally has his cinematic adaptation. Winnie The Pooh and his pots of honey grace the big screen with the fantastic Ewan Mcgregor as Christopher Robin and Pooh's other furry friends. After Christopher Robin leaves the Hundred Acre... Continue Reading →

Top 8 Black Mirror Episodes (Season 1 – 4)

Black Mirror is a television show created by Charlie Brooker, each episode comprising of a standalone story usually highlighting the perils of technology. The show is full of twist, turns and usually a depressing ending. The show has been going on for 4 seasons with a 5th in the pipeline. Black Mirror has become one... Continue Reading →

13 Reasons Why Season 2 (2018) TV Review

TW. The below review contains topics of rape, suicide and drug abuse 13 Reasons Why returns, the tapes and the trial of Hannah Baker, the critically acclaimed series that gained a lot of controversy over it's depiction of suicide. Starting up the new season, you are warned about the upcoming content and constantly reminded that... Continue Reading →

Wild Wild Country (2018) TV Review

Netflix's vast array of original documentaries are usually very good. Making a Murderer, Jim and Andy and 13th are a few examples of this. Wild Wild Country is another original documentary that unveils a hidden history of America and looks into the fantastical and outlandish, with a story of a commune that resided in a small town in... Continue Reading →

Top 100 Films. 77 – Fight Club (1999)

David Fincher's magnum opus and considered one of the greatest films in modern cinema. Fight Club tackles the conflict of generation X and the foundations of capitalism in the guise of men beating the crap out of each other. An unnamed character played by Ed Norton is zombified from his white collar, 9-5 job, lives a normal... Continue Reading →

Icarus (2017) Film Review

Documentary is one of the most important genres of filmmaking. To find truth and discover the hiding of conspiracies is key to the genre. John Grierson, one of the pioneers of the genre, called documentaries the creative treatment of actualities.  The cinematic presentation of truth. Some would called that a paradox in itself but it... Continue Reading →

Thunderball (1965) Film Review

SPECTRE and Blofeld are back to continue their plan for world domination. After the success of Goldfinger, Thunderball had a lot to live up to. The budget is bigger, the action is bigger, but does Thunderball prove that bigger is better? SPECTRE return and decide to steal two atomic bombs and then threaten to bomb London if... Continue Reading →

From Russia With Love (1963) Film Review

Bond returns for his second outing and SPECTRE returns to seek their revenge on Bond for killing Dr. No. After what happened in Jamaica, SPECTRE start to train agents to kill Bond, the assigned agent is Donald 'Red' Grant. Along with that they trick Russian loyalist, Tatiana Romanova, into believing that she must lure Bond... Continue Reading →

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