Bird Box (2018) Film Review

One of the most successful films released on Netflix, as according to Netflix themselves, 45 million people have seen the film in the first 7 days of being released on the online platform. It was time to see what all the hype was about for the Sandra Bullock horror vehicle. Bird Box stars Sandra Bullock... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who: Season 11, Episode 1 Review

The woman that fell to Earth, one of the biggest shakeups to Doctor Who since it's rebirth in 2005. It is not just a new female doctor but  new companions, new writer, new look and new composer. This episode had a lot of pressure to succeed because Doctor Who needed to be regenerated because of... Continue Reading →

5 TV Shows Brought Back From Cancellation

A few days ago Brooklyn Nine Nine was cancelled by FOX after a very successful and popular 5 seasons. Once news travelled of it's cancellation fans flocked to twitter to make FOX notice their anger at their decision. #NineNine and #RenewB99 was trending and celebrities such as Sean Astin, Lin Manuel-Miranda and Mark Hamill also... Continue Reading →

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