13 Reasons Why Season 2 (2018) TV Review

TW. The below review contains topics of rape, suicide and drug abuse 13 Reasons Why returns, the tapes and the trial of Hannah Baker, the critically acclaimed series that gained a lot of controversy over it's depiction of suicide. Starting up the new season, you are warned about the upcoming content and constantly reminded that... Continue Reading →

American Vandal (2017) Season 1 Netflix Review

I was one of those fans that got on the Making a Murderer train and binged the show in a couple of days when the series come out on Netflix. When I heard there was a show coming out on Netflix parodying that but in place it was about a vandal at a American high school that... Continue Reading →

13 Reasons Why (Spoiler Free Review) 2017

(WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS DISCUSSIONS ABOUT SUICIDE) To escape the hysteria and hype surrounding Netflix's new 13 episode offering, 13 Reasons Why, one would have to lock themselves in the most underground vault in Fort Knox. For a viewer like myself, who is against binge watching shows, I succumbed to the magnetism of this show and managed to... Continue Reading →

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