Films and TV Shows to Look Forward to In June 2018.

The Cinema Cabin will have a new monthly article that will detail what films and TV Shows to look forward to in the next month. Here is films and TV Shows to look forward to in June 2018. (Release dates are for the UK)  Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Released on June 7th) When Jurassic World was released in... Continue Reading →

13 Reasons Why Season 2 (2018) TV Review

TW. The below review contains topics of rape, suicide and drug abuse 13 Reasons Why returns, the tapes and the trial of Hannah Baker, the critically acclaimed series that gained a lot of controversy over it's depiction of suicide. Starting up the new season, you are warned about the upcoming content and constantly reminded that... Continue Reading →

5 TV Shows Brought Back From Cancellation

A few days ago Brooklyn Nine Nine was cancelled by FOX after a very successful and popular 5 seasons. Once news travelled of it's cancellation fans flocked to twitter to make FOX notice their anger at their decision. #NineNine and #RenewB99 was trending and celebrities such as Sean Astin, Lin Manuel-Miranda and Mark Hamill also... Continue Reading →

Wild Wild Country (2018) TV Review

Netflix's vast array of original documentaries are usually very good. Making a Murderer, Jim and Andy and 13th are a few examples of this. Wild Wild Country is another original documentary that unveils a hidden history of America and looks into the fantastical and outlandish, with a story of a commune that resided in a small town in... Continue Reading →

Isle of Dogs (2018) Film Review

Wes Anderson returns back to the world of animation. Instead of Foxes, Anderson decides to enter the world of canines through a Japanese style of visual wonderment. After the successful Grand Budapest Hotel, can Isle of Dogs hold a candle to Anderson's previous outing? In a dystopian futuristic Japan, the Mayor, Mayor Kobayashi, hates dogs... Continue Reading →

Annihilation (2018) Film Review

Alex Garland's new film that was theatrically released in North America but released through Netflix in the UK. If there is one negative about Netflix's distribution model is that this film would of been fantastic in the cinema. Annihilation stars Natalie Portman playing Lena, a former US soldier whose husband, Kane, goes missing after going on... Continue Reading →

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