Top 10 Most Anticipated Films in 2019

2018 is over and it has been a mixed year for films, some very good, some very bad. However time moves on and we need to look forward into 2019 into the top 10 films to look forward to in the new year. 10) Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (Est. Release May 2019) When I first heard... Continue Reading →

American Vandal Season 2 Review

The acclaimed Netflix show from 2017 questioning who drew the dicks on the school staff cars has returned with a bigger budget, a different school and a new mystery involving a lot of poop.  Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck), the two filmmakers of the meta mockumentary American Vandal about Dylan Maxwell... Continue Reading →

Wild Wild Country (2018) TV Review

Netflix's vast array of original documentaries are usually very good. Making a Murderer, Jim and Andy and 13th are a few examples of this. Wild Wild Country is another original documentary that unveils a hidden history of America and looks into the fantastical and outlandish, with a story of a commune that resided in a small town in... Continue Reading →

Icarus (2017) Film Review

Documentary is one of the most important genres of filmmaking. To find truth and discover the hiding of conspiracies is key to the genre. John Grierson, one of the pioneers of the genre, called documentaries the creative treatment of actualities.  The cinematic presentation of truth. Some would called that a paradox in itself but it... Continue Reading →

Top 100 Films – 79. Cloverfield (2008)

The 2008 found footage film that reinvented viral marketing and took advantage of the found footage craze and as of 2018, kick started an unlikely franchise that each installment has an enigma surrounding them just like the 2008 film.    Cloverfield starts with a house party to say goodbye to Rob whose camera it is throughout the... Continue Reading →

Top 100 Films. 83. Beyond The Mat (1999)

HE'S GONNA PUKE!!! Famous lines from the billionaire and chairman of the WWE, Vince Mcmahon. Beyond The Mat was one of the first behind the scenes look at the world of professional wrestling. The documentary focused on the careers of Terry Funk, Mick Foley and Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. It details the hardships of being the in... Continue Reading →

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