The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) Film Review

The original Lego Movie was one of the biggest surprises of 2014 and was awfully snubbed at the Oscars. The film based on the popular children’s toy captured everyone’s hearts and wallets. If I had the money I would of brought every set released but I settled to just having the double decker couch. It was quickly announced that a sequel was in pre-production when the original proved to be so successful. 5 years later and the Lego universe has opened up to the world of Duplo.

After Finn’s father lets Finn play with his lego sets, he says that he must let his younger sister play with them as well. This creates a conflict of universes that results in a lego apocalypse. With Bricksburg in ruin, Emmet and the gang live in a barren desert with dystopian architecture when one day an alien spaceship and kidnaps Lucy, Batman, Unikitty, Benny and Metalbeard. Emmet must travels to the Systar System to find and save them.

I am very fond of the first film, watching it multiple times in the cinema, buying some of the sets and figures, and loving the song, ‘Everything is Awesome!’ So to say I was excited for this film would be an understatement but also hugely apprehensive. The start of the film was a bit repetitive from the first film and I did not like the direction of where it was going. However when the film left apocalypseburg it really went into a whole other gear. The sequel brings in new characters that freshen up the film and silently forgets about characters from the first which it needed as this film would of got crowded.

Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi, Rex Dangervest and General Sweet Mayhem are the three new main characters and provide a freshness to the sequel. Dangervest being a good comedic role with his gang of velociraptors. Lego Movie 2 was able to create that creative freedom feeling you get with Lego. The film was spontaneous, wild and colourful. There were a few strange cameos and moments that was hilarious. I was able to sit in my chair and just relax and smile gleefully while I just lost myself in the wild chaos that is Lego movies.

Lego movies are so fast paced and chaotic that some people could be put off by the style but for me it is a continuous joy just taking in the constant jokes, references and colourful, visual loudness. Lego Movie 2 is a natural progression from the first film. It expands the world within the Lego universe and becomes hugely self-aware. It is well written, the new songs are catchy and the characters are a joy to watch. It would of been nice to see more screen time from the side characters such as Benny and Metalbeard as these were characters that made the first film so charming. Also in this film, the line between Lego and reality was crossed a bit more explicitly and kind of took me out of the immersion of the Lego world it created. I understand this was a big twist in the first film and blew my mind however in the sequel, now the surprise has been revealed it was a bit jarring to be constantly reminded that the story is controlled by humans.

However, this film overcame a lot of pressure. The first film was so well received so the sequel had a lot to battle against. They could of done the same as before but this film explodes in creativity and at times could be classed as a musical. I was lost in the magic of Lego. I loved the first film, the Batman spinoff and I can happily say I can add this to my list of Lego films I love. These film are just pure fun and they look fun to make. This capture a similar feel to the original and went an entirely new direction and I have to applaud the filmmakers on that.

Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is another fantastic film from Lego. The brilliant Phil Lord and Chris Miller script perfectly extends the story of Emmet and Lucy. The film was so much fun to watch, the pace of the film never stopped and made the almost two hour runtime go so quickly. The comedy, action, emotion is still all there, the new characters are great and the script, songs and animation are brilliant. Some charm is lost compared to the first film but by no fault of its own, the surprise is no longer there but it is still alluring and joyful. This film is awesome but just not as awesome as the first film.

Rating – ★★★★

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