The Incredibles 2 (2018) Film Review

Disney Pixar returns to everyone’s favourite superhero family. 14 years after the original was released the big question to ask is that can it live up to the hugely successful The Incredibles or will it falter just like the other attempts Pixar has had at sequels/prequels.

Set straight after the events of the first film, the Incredibles are fighting the Underminer. After a hugely disastrous attempt at stopping the Underminer, there is still huge support for superheroes to remained banned. Except for billionaire, nostalgic superhero fan, Wintson Deavor, who along with his sister, plans to televise the superheroes good deeds to regain support for superheroes. Elastigirl is chosen to be the spearhead of this movement but gains a nemesis by the name of the Screenslaver. While Elastigirl is out saving lives, Mr Incredible must take care of their family at home.

The Incredibles is one of Pixar’s greatest films so to even attempt to make a sequel was a brave move that anything less than incredible would of been seen as a disappointment. Sequels being made this far apart doesn’t have a great track record, even though a prequel Pixar’s own Monsters University, did not live up to expectation of Monsters Inc. and I was ready to receive the same disappointment from this film. How could they match a classic such as The Incredibles and reproduce the magic.However, I was surprised as they did.

Embroiled in a culture of continuous superhero films from Marvel and DC, Pixar pulls it out the bag once again. It is as if the family never left, 14 years didn’t pass because the quality is still there. The family is just as fun to watch them interact with each other. It is a perfect representation of what would happen if a family were all superheroes. They bicker and go back and forth and it is these interactions that really hold the film together. Mrs Incredible is the central character to this plot and she is such a fantastic character, she is witty, snappy and just badass. Mr Incredible has to take the backseat but to see him in the father role is hilarious. To deal with the teenage angst of Violet and Dash and Jack Jack’s new powers it is a nice break from all the superhero action.

The action scenes are brilliant, well paced and even though it is challenging to have immersive action pieces because of the onslaught of superhero films in Hollywood, The Incredibles 2 creates some of the greatest actions scenes in a superhero film. Who knew that animation could provide so much tension and commitment. We also get to see more of Frozone, which is great because Samuel L Jackson is marvellous. The Frozone character is one of my favourite characters in the Pixar universe and I would not mind if they announced a standalone film for Frozone (That’s what happens in a normal superhero franchise right?) As long as we get to hear more of Frozone’s wife, please take my money.

There is a slight twist that is a bit obvious and that is the only nitpick I can give this film but sometimes you do have to remind yourself that this is  a children’s film and the plot can’t be that convoluted. There is not much focus on Dash but I guess this kind of makes up for it because in the first film he was a main focus when Violet was kind of forgotten about. This film doesn’t exceed the first film but I would say it was very close.

The Incredibles 2 is a very fun film, full of laughs, fantastic action and great chemistry between the characters. The consistency of Pixar cannot be matched. In the current Marvel/DC climate this film shouldn’t of worked. However it provided something different to Marvel and DC. It was full of fully fleshed out characters, lovable heroes and a good villain and to top it all of, Edna Mode. The Incredibles 2 is just as good as the first film, I had fun throughout the 2 hour runtime of which it flew by and it is a brilliant family film that proves that everyone missed the greatest superhero family of all time and the 14 year wait was worth it.


Rating – ★★★★ 1/2


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