Deadpool 2 (2018) Film Review

The R-Rated superhero returns after the original made a buckload of money at the box office. Deadpool 2 promises to have more action, more gratuitous violence and more 4th wall breaking humour. The first film was met with critical acclaim and broke a lot of records when it came to box office, after a shaky production with director changes would the sequel just be as good as the original?

After the first film, Deadpool takes his moniker of superhero in true Deadpool style as he starts to go on a spree of violently killing criminals worldwide. After an onslaught of gratuitous violence, Deadpool has a change of heart when he comes across Firefist, a 14 year old mutant played by Julian Dennison (Hunt for The Wilderpeople) . He aims to protect him but this comes with a terrible difficulty as an assassin called Cable (Josh Brolin) time travelled to the past to stop Firefist killing his family. Deadpool starts a team of superheroes in aim to battle Cable and protect Firefist.

The most important part of this now franchise is the comedy, if the comedy does not hit or resonate, then this film would fail. The original was so shocking in its meta comedy that the sequel had to push the boundaries further to garner a similar amount of shock. Deadpool 2 does exactly that, it replicates the same comedic tone of the first film. There are Jokes about Hugh Jackman, Green Lantern, Fox’s X-Men universe and even the DC universe. It is this meta comedy that makes these films so much film, no franchise, film or actor is safe from Deadpool. The sequel never stops with the comedy, not every joke hits but with the film never stopping trying to crack jokes you will be laughing throughout or at least smiling.

With the establishment of the X-Force, Deadpool 2 has a more structured story with a constant theme of family being brought up. (No this isn’t a Fast and Furious sequel) The sequel has more emotional scenes that would of been more impactful if it didn’t try to crack jokes in these scenes. This maybe a fault of it’s own design, the wise cracking Deadpool doesn’t really fit in with big emotional moments and some scenes are emotional but with the constant comedic tone, the impact is limited. This is the right direction for this franchise, there needs to be more at stake. When Deadpool is pretty much immortal and never really worries about anything it is hard to create a situation of real danger but Deadpool 2 handles this well with the threat against he newly found family and Cable being a formidable foe.

This film also brings in new characters that may become people’s new favourite superhero movie characters. Peter played by Rob Delaney (Catastrophe), the member of the X-Force that has no powers, is my favourite addition, along with Domino, the lucky superhero, played by Zazie Beetz. 2018 should be renamed as Year of the Brolin because weeks after wonderfully playing Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, Josh Brolin is fantastic as Cable. The dry humour of Brolin fits perfectly within the Deadpool franchise. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, he was made for this role and we could just have a film of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in a room for 2 hours and it would still be great. The cast is fantastic and every actor is fully committed to the comedic tone of the film. There is also a few great, shocking cameos that you have to keep your eyes peeled for.

Deadpool 2 is full of hilarious moments that I will keep quiet about because when you see them for the first time you will be shocked and laughing loads. There are some jokes that do not hit and some jokes that are a bit repetitive but overall it is a film that is a laugh and very fun. With added emotion and an improved cast, Deadpool 2 is a fantastic addition to what looks like to become its own universe with a planned X-Force film and a third installment.  The film is hindered by it’s comedy sometimes as it fails to maintain the laughs at some points in the film and attempts of emotion have a limited impact. However, Deadpool 2 is just as much fun as the original, not as shocking as the original but this is a still better than most superhero fare. I would of gave this film 3 stars but just because of the wonder that is the character, Peter, I’m going to have to knock the rating up a bit.


Rating –  ★★★ 1/2


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