Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Film Review

This review contains no spoilers. You are safe here.

After 10 years, billions of pounds spent and tens of billions of pounds made. 18 films have been made and it all culminates to this film. Thanos finally gets off his throne and follows the old adage of if you want something done. do it yourself. Thanos puts on his infinity gauntlet and travels the universe to find the six infinity stones, small pebbles of untold power that when harnessed into one could bring the end of the universe in a simple click of his fingers. The Avengers must reunite, with help from the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spiderman and many others to stop Thanos and save the world again.

One of the most anticipated films of the year and finally everyone’s favourite heroes can share screen time. Marvel created a big problem for themselves as they created hype for a film that would of been impossible to live up too. However, Avengers: Infinity War has lived up to the hype. This is a film that solves the huge Marvel issue of having not very good villains. Thanos is probably the best superhero villain of the Marvel cinematic universe. He was menacing, powerful and somewhat justifiable. His reasoning for the destruction of humanity had a machiavellian method of survival. The best villain is one that does not think he is the villain. Thanos believes he is doing good and so in return will do anything to achieve his destiny. He may of been a lurking shadow throughout the franchise but once he comes into play he is a powerful presence throughout the film.

This film does something very brave as the focus is on Thanos. This is not really a Avengers film, this is a Thanos film. The film follows his journey to gain unlimited power. This does not mean that the Avengers take a backseat. It was great to see all the heroes from the previous 18 films return and share screen time. Thor is very prominent in the film and he has quickly become one of the fan favourites. The thunder god has gone from Shakespearean out of touch character to quick quipper with Thor: Ragnarok and in Infinity War Thor was the standout character.

Another welcomed return was the Guardians of the Galaxy, the whole gang is such a joy to behold and to see them mix with the other Avengers was one of the things I was looking forward to. It was great to see Tony Stark interact with Peter Quill, also to have Drax interact with anyone. Drax is my favourite character in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is because every time he says a line he steals the show. Having the Guardians injected into this film brought a much need lightness to the film because there is no two ways about it, this film is dark. It was supposed to be, emotions will be flayed and will fluctuate.

Avengers: Infinity War does not take its foot of the brake, it goes from one spectacular to another. Whether it is an emotional scene or end of the world action scene, the pace is tremendously fast. Even though the film is 2 and a half hours long it felt so much shorter than that. It probably couldn’t take its foot off the brake, it had so much to cram in and be able to get every hero enough screen time. Spiderman 3 famously couldn’t balance three villains, however AvengersInfinity War balances loads of heroes perfectly. Every hero gets a moment to shine and not one hero was sold short. There were some heroes that were not in the film but the next film may rectify that issue.

This film is brave, fun and spectacular. It looked fantastic, the visual effects were on par with the other Marvel films. Every set piece was grand in scale and visually loud. It was full of moments of hilarity and heart-breaking emotion. To see all the heroes interact and join together to take down Thanos brought the widest smile to my face. It made my fanboy dreams come true and I guarantee this film will break records and make Dr Evil’s level of money.  This will appease the majority of Marvel fans and annoy a few bosses at DC.

Avengers: Infinity War is a brave film that never stops with it’s bullet speed pace. It is fun to see all the characters interact and join together to try and defeat the best villain so far in the MCU. This film lived up to its hype and much more. The culmination of 10 years, 18 films and billions of pounds spent and this is the result and it was worth it. I didn’t want the film to finish, it could of gone for an extra two hours and I wouldn’t of minded at all. If you want to look for the perfect example of a summer blockbuster that is loads of fun but still have an emotional depth, look no further. These are characters we have watched for over a decade and to see the start of the resolution of this journey, it was so fulfilling. There are few moments when I walk out of a cinema and be so fulfilled but Avengers: Infinity War was one of those moments, it was truly spectacular.


Rating – ★★★★★

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