Top 100 Films – 80. This is Spinal Tap (1984)

The mockumentary that has set a standard so high that any other mockumentary that is released is shadowed by the behemoth of this film. The spoof on English rock stars has never been so funny. Lets turn it up to 11, why 11? Because these go to 11.

This is Spinal Tap follows the fictional band Spinal Tap throughout their career, Director Rob Reiner plays Marty Di Bergi, a director (I know Reiner has a diverse range as an actor) who films the band in what is mostly an ad-libbed performance by the majority of the cast. There are few comedies that can enter the upper echelons of film but this film has impacted popular culture more than most comedies.

Just to go over some of the most infamous scenes, it goes up to eleven, the stonehenge gig and the exploding drummers. The film is just full of memorable hilarious scenes. The funny thing is, hearing tales from actual rock bands, the film events are quite muted compared to real life events. The members of the band are good musicians but they are so dim-witted. One of my favourite scenes, demonstrates this. Nigel played by Christopher Guest is playing the piano, it’s gentle and emotional and explains the d-minor chord but the pay off is the title of the track is Lick my Love Pump.

This is Spinal Tap is one of the greatest comedies of all time, it is revolutionary in the mockumentary genre and improv. The film still holds up and a hilarious romp and I implore anyone who hasn’t watched it, to give it a watch. Every scene is hilarious, the characters are memorable and Spinal Tap is the loudest comedy and rock band of all time.




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