Top Ten Films to Look Forward To in 2018

The year is almost done and there has been a load of great films, if you read my top ten films of 2017, it was very difficult to whittle it down to ten films. However the new year is almost and it is time to review on what films that show some potential at being great.

10. Untitled Cloverfield Film

This was on my 2017 list but wasn’t released. I have been looking forward to this film that will expand the Cloverfield lore. After the great, 10 Cloverfield Lane, hopefully this film will actually be released and be good. There is very little information about this film, the plot revolves around a crew on a space station that an experiment goes wrong and results in the crew fighting for survival. Apart from the link to Cloverfield and some cast announced, that it is. This sounds very similar to Alien and last year’s release, Life. However I really like Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane. So if this film matches the quality of the previous installments, then I am looking forward to the Alien film we deserved after the disappointment of Alien: Covenant.

9. Mortal Engines


Peter Jackson produced, film about moving cities that just gobble up everything in sight. I don’t know much about the novel and the whole series but what I saw for the trailer, how can I not be excited for this film. A mechanic, eating machine that represents London just travels round eating anything in it’s path like Sir Killalot from Robot Wars mixed with Pac-man. Mad Max injected with steroids, Mortal Engines could fill the void left by The Hunger Games with a book franchise making millions. Mortal Engines, the first of four novels, I hope this good because of what I’ve heard and seen so far, this could be big….. or it could be another Maze Runner, lets hope not.

8. Black Panther

Image result for black panther

It seems absolutely stupid to even remark that this is one of Marvel’s biggest risk because of it’s mostly all black cast. The state of race in film has come to this point. However, this film is long overdue. It looks fantastic, the character and the soundtrack is amazing. Marvel are consistent in their quality and from all the trailers and hype this could be in their top tier of films. An amazing cast and proven director must solidify this as being one of the best rated blockbusters next year. Not the first black superhero, but this film could be the one that sends a message to the people who sit on their golden plated thrones that a film with a black lead, with a mostly black cast can  make money. Hopefully this will triumph. I have so much hope and I don’t think I will be disappointed.

7. Bohemian Rhapsody

Image result for bohemian rhapsody film

The planned biopic of Freddie Mercury has had a lot of turbulence in the production. A change of lead and a change of director throughout the filming usually doesn’t help the film. However, just the image above of the uncanny likeness of Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury is enough to get me interested. I am a massive fan of Queen and Mercury had one hell of a life. Biopics are hard to do but when done well, they are fantastic. Troubles aside, this could be amazing with a brilliant soundtrack. Apocalypse Now had loads of production troubles and is regarded as one of the greatest films of all time. This could work for Bohemian Rhapsody of which the song is regarded as one of the greatest of all time. Well hopefully this film doesn’t easy come, easy go.

6. Deadpool 2

Image result for Deadpool 2

One of the highlights of 2016 was the R-rated Deadpool. A rare superhero outing that was full of swearing, sex and gore. It has reinvigorated the R-rated superhero genre with the amazing Logan coming out in 2017. Ryan Reynolds returns as the red suit crusaders. Expect breaking the fourth wall, cameos, more juvenile sex jokes and probably one or two fart jokes with a kick ass soundtrack. After the success of the first film, expect a much bigger budget and most of the times, bigger is better.

5. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck it Ralph 2.

Image result for wreck it ralph 2

Wreck it Ralph was hugely successful in 2012 and was a delightful video game film that embrace video games and amazed audiences. Even Kanye West likened himself to one of the characters, Venelope Von Schweetz. 6 years later, Wreck it Ralph goes from arcade machines to the internet. There is no limit to what the film can include. As it is made by Disney, expect a load of cameos, with planned cameos from Star Wars and Disney Princesses. The potential of this film is brimming with excitement. I absolutely adored the first film and I am glad it has a sequel. The same cast and crew returning should create a just as good adventure for Ralph and Schweetz.

4. Ready Player One

Image result for Ready player one

This has had a lot of hype. One of the most popular novels in recent times has a film adaptation by non other then Steven Spielberg. The amount of characters in the trailers just looks exciting. The Iron Giant, one of my favourite films of all time, is in the film. I have not read the novel but I have only heard great things and the film will divert because of copyright issues, however with Spielberg, who rarely misteps, this could be an amazing family film. The visuals look great, the soundtrack sounds fantastic. All the promotional material renders this film a quality blockbuster film that either has the potential to make millions or flop. Let’s hope it is the former because this looks like a fun adventure into the digital horizon.

3. The Incredibles 2

Image result for the incredibles 2

The early 2000’s was the ‘golden age’ of Pixar. Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, Monster’s Inc and The Incredibles. Out of all those films the one that was kept open for a sequel has taken the longest for that to be in fruition. The much awaited sequel, and supposedly the penultimate sequel Pixar will ever do, will finally be released this year. One of the greatest superhero films of all time can finally get a second outing. There is not much known about the plot but everyone’s favourite superhero family will return and I can bet a lot of children, teens, adults and grandparents will be lining up to watch this film.


2. Isle of Dogs

Image result for isle of dogs

Anytime I hear a wimper from Wes Anderson I get excited. His film’s are just so beautiful and magical. Isle of Dogs is the latest film in his catalogue that has an amazing cast. Anderson returns to animation after the success of Fantastic Mr Fox. The film has stop motion look of old and his film just get better and better. Grand Budapest Hotel is my favourite film of his and from the trailer this could be a contender. This looks to be a retelling of Saving Private Ryan with dogs and if that doesn’t peak your interest, I don’t know what will. It has Bill Murray in it. Will that do. I will be first in line.

1. The Avengers: Infinity War

Image result for avengers infinity war

The start of the end of the biggest risk ever taken in Hollywood. It changed film, for better or worst. The Marvel experiment will met it’s intended goals this year where every character you have loved and lived with will be crammed into this film to what will be one of the biggest and risky films ever made. Box office records will break, the internet may break too. I cannot fathom how this film will play out with so many character. Expect a fast paced three hours of superhero chaos. For almost ten year we have been waiting for this film and it is almost here. So don your cape for one last hurrah, expect shocks, explosions, destruction and pure manic Marvel chaos. This is going to be history making.


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