Top 100 Films. 91. Parenthood (1989)

As I wrote this top 100 film list, I knew this film had to be on there at least. I had no idea where it would be but it made it on it when I finished. Parenthood is a family comedy starring Steve Martin and Dianne Wiest that follows a typical American family and how they deal with problems that may arise from any family. At the start of the film, a lot problems are stated with problems of pregnancy, financial issues, learning difficulties, father problems and relationship problems. This film tracks how a family not just solves these problems but how they struggle and cope with the constant chaos it is to have a family.

Steve Martin plays the hapless father more perfect then anyone in Hollywood, you only have to look at fan favourites such as Father of the Bride, Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Cheaper by the Dozen to see Martin play this role out perfectly. Martin plays the father that is just trying to do everything he can but it just doesn’t work out, or it just never stops the constant issues. However, where this film really hits its stride is the supporting cast. Dianne Wiest is fantastic and she was well received as she was nominated for an Oscar. Along with Rick Moranis and Mary Steenburgen who also provide stellar performances. This film relies on the cast and just like a strong family, they all pull through and keep the chaotic film together.

A reason why this is one of my favourite films of all time is that there is no clear solution to every problem. Some issues that the whole family encounter are never solved or sorted, just like real life. The relevancy of this film could be put to any family. However for every problem that is put through to the family there is a heart lifting moment that makes you cherish your own family. This film also features a young Keanu Reeves and Joaquin Pheonix that is always welcomed and even the kid actors also feel genuine.

Parenthood is a fantastic film about a family in chaos but thats how families work. It emotional, sad and makes you angry but also it will make you proud, happy and cry tears of joy. The lasting message I got from this film is a perfect way to end this review in that Parenthood basically is a film that says, ‘Yes my family is not perfect, far from it, but this is my family and I wouldn’t change it for the world.’

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