Top 100 Films. #94. Exit Through The Gift Shop.

The Documentary that centers on the mystery that is Banksy, well at the start it was suppose to be about Banksy, but the documentary changed and focused on someone more eccentric and mysterious…

The world of street art is an unheard part of the world that only the mainstream only really knows Banksy. This film would of been interesting if it was about the man and the myth. However the person filming the documentary quickly becomes the star. Thierry Guetta is a fan of Banksy and follows him around while he makes street art. The film follows Guetta who wishes to become like Banksy and tries to make street art and sell it at high prices.

This documentary is like a chameleon, it changes constantly. Whenever you think you know what is happening, the film changes. I had no idea of the street artist that this film became the focus of but I was hooked by the transpiring of this famous artist. Can any person pick up spray paint and be a famous artist? This film ponders the issue. There are rumours online that speculate whether Guetta is Banksy’s creation. Considering the idea that the film itself maybe a hoax maybe one of the biggest twists in the genre. This film could be classed a work of art if it is indeed Banksy all along.

Exit Through The Gift Shop is a weird experience that could put you front and center in a art exhibition.  This is in my top 100 films because it is a unique experience that question the veracity of documentaries and people in general. This film is funny, thoughtful and to say politely a headf**k. This is not a film about Banksy or is it?

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