Top 100 Films #97 Dawn of the Dead (1978)

From the family animation comedy The Pagemaster to the pioneering Zombie Horror, Dawn of the Dead, is just a good indication of what to expect on this countdown. Dawn of the Dead was one of the first zombie films that hinted at the potential profitability and cultural significance that these movies could create.

The film starts off with an unknown disease or phenomenon that reanimates the dead. Members of a SWAT team and random passerby’s group together and house inside a shopping mall to try and survive while the zombie threat is going on.

Dawn of the Dead is an example of horror that when done well can become one of the most pioneering and influential films in contemporary cinema. Even  though the budget is limited with the zombies looking like a bunch of extra that has talcum powder on their faces. (This could easily be quite close to the truth) This film presents a story that has slight social satire that question whether these zombies reflect people that shop at weekend.

Watching this film at an early age, the gore and blood that was shown was horrifying but looked awesome. Romero zombie films are not afraid to pull any punches. It is brutal and timeless. The zombies maybe slow, they maybe a bit stupid but that’s what zombie should be, as they are dead! Without this film there would be no Walking Dead, no Left 4 Dead, no 28 Days Later. Dawn of The Dead is an amazing horror film that is smart, gory and edgy.


(p.s The 2004 Remake is also fantastic)

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