Wonder Woman (2017) No Spoiler Film Review.

DC comics return with the female directed superhero flick that aims to get the company back on track and target Marvel and finally get some people excited for the upcoming Justice League film.

The film tells the story of Princess Diana from the Amazon island, Themyscira. She is a part of a tribe full of women whose aim is to protect the world from the god of war, Aries. After Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor plane crashes on the shore of the island, Diana saves his life but is encountered by German soldiers who attack the island. After Diana hears about World War One she decides to follow Steve Trevor to the outside world to defeat Aries.

Wonder Woman provides a fresh outlook to superhero films. We finally get a female led superhero film, that has been desired for years after Joss Whedon tried many attempts of creating a Wonder Woman film, with no success. The controversy surrounding the all female viewing holds no relevancy to this review as it will not overshadow the liberated movement that this film shows. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is perfectly casted, seeing Diana react to the world is the centre of the comedy and the chemistry between Gadot and Pine is really the backbone of this film.

DC have finally found the perfect balance between dark and comedic tones. Previous films were either too silly (Suicide Squad) or too dark (Batman vs Superman). Wonder Woman found the balance that can finally silence previous DC critics. This film was fun to watch, the characters were enjoyable and it was well written for the majority of the film. The ensemble cast are stereotypes but it is worked in a way that kind of contrasts the stigma of this. This film attempts to break away from conventional tropes and I can’t praise this film enough to finally make a female superhero that is unapologetic and just badass. However it was essential that Wonder Woman was not just a one dimensional fighting model. If the film did this it would be a classic case scenario of one step forward and two steps back. But with the film being directed by a female, Patty Jenkins, I believe her direction may of stopped this as Wonder Woman was a flawed hero that had many layers to her character.

This film was a bit too long clocking in at 140 minutes and some sequences could of been shortened. Also some of the CGI looked a bit underwhelming. However for the small inconveniences I have with the film, it is overshadowed by how fun this film is. It is full of action that we have come to expect from superhero films. Also the setting of London looked fantastic and the gritty visual tone of the film complimented the contrast of the colourful island of Themyscira, showing the difference between the paradise of the island and the real life war of the ‘real world’.

Wonder Woman is the film that DC not just wanted but needed. After critical failures, Wonder Woman shows that the company can produce good films and it has led me, who has been very critical of DC in the past, excited for future DC films and a little excited for the justice league film. If this film failed it could of put the company into jeopardy. Wonder Woman has saved DC from their ‘Avengers’ risk and finally shows producers and studios that a film with a female lead can be successful critically and most importantly financially.

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  1. Your last paragraph pretty much takes the words out of my mouth. We needed this but we also most definitely deserved it. I remember walking out of Suicide Squad just totally disappointed with the DCEU and thinking they were just going to screw it up again. Luckily they are on the right track now and Gal Gadot is fantastic as Wonder Woman. I love that she, as well as Patty Jenkins, are just proving all the haters wrong. Turns out a a female superhero has a much wider appeal than people thought. Gal power! Great review by the way.
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