Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Film Review (Spoiler Free Review)

Before the screening of the film I was a little anxious because there were musings of a mediocre film that wasn’t as good as the first film. After watching the film I just don’t understand the criticism for this film. I feel like I watched a completely different film to all these people bashing this film. Yes it didn’t have the surprise of the first film, Yes, it didn’t have the freshness of the visuals and the soundtrack, but, this was as good as the first film.

The gang is back after the events of the first film and it follows Peter Quill finding his father and discovering who his dad is, while being chased by a golden army, along with Gamora having sisterly troubles with Nebula. There is not else much to say without giving away plot points filled with spoilers. This is a  much more muted and personal film compared with the first film, its a personal journey for Quill in his discovery of his once lost father. This is a much more emotional film as hints of FAMILY! being muttered throughout like a Fast and Furious sequel. However this is not a criticism of the film. The heartstrings are being pulled and strangled, there were moments that I was lucky that I had 3D glasses on, just to hide the fact that tears were streaming down my face.

The laughs in this film are on steroids, the jokes come out fast and furiously (no pun intended…… Each character has time to shine in their own personal stand up. Drax is the stand out character, he doesn’t do much in combat but every moment he is hilarious. The whole gang has great chemistry and this is seen on screen, the whole production looks fun to be apart off. The whole film I was grinning from ear to ear, laughing so loud that at parts I was self conscious from the volume and erratic nature of the laughter.  This film was fun, the interactions between each character seems genuine. This will make you laugh, this was a completely fun experience that if you loved the humour from the first film, you will like this times ten.

Yondu is the standout character, Rooker’s performance is a surprise, I had issues with his character in the first film, but all is forgiven because Yondu was a fresh addition to the Guardians. The soundtrack was well utilised, but that was expected. The soundtrack is a character of the film and like the first film it works with the film beautifully. Baby Groot is the cutest character ever in cinema and that’s all I’ll say about that. This film develops each character with a gentle progression and it was great to see further layers to every character.

This film is not perfect though, the golden army are a bit boring and not really needed, the pacing is sometimes off and would of loved to see more action within the film and some jokes drag on too long. However, these are small grievances that can easily be overlooked. I still don’t understand the criticism for the film, maybe I am blind or was watching a different film but Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is a fun experience that for me met my expectations and many more. It was funny, emotional and the characters were a laugh and joy to experience. I recommend this highly and the whole family will find this funny.

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